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How Federal Inmate Call Savings Works
Save Up to $1.50 on Every Call
At Federal Inmate Calling Services, you pay only for minutes you use!  Unlike other inmate calling services whose unused minutes expire at the end of each month, we
have no monthly minimum usage charge, and allow customers to carry over minutes to subsequent months. For a small monthly fee of $1.25 per number, and a termination rate
as low as 5 cents per minute, you can enjoy high quality telephone service from your loved one's Federal Prison directly to your cellular or home telephone.
BOP Rate 21¢ a Minute
15 Minute Discount Call Rate $1.65

When your inmate calls your current phone number, most calls are  
usually an expensive long distance calls. The BOP’s phone provider GTL,
charges 21 cents per minute, resulting in an 15 minute call costing $3.15.

300 monthly minutes x 21¢ a minute = $63.00

We provide a new phone number local to the prison your inmate’s being
held. When the inmate calls the local number, the BOP charges 6¢ a
minute connection fee for the outgoing call, and we charge a 5 cents per
minute termination fee to send you the call, equaling the sum of 11¢ per
minute. This results in a cost of $1.65, a savings of $1.50 per call!

300 monthly minutes x 11¢ a minute = $33.00
Regular BOP Inmate Call Rates!
Cheap Federal Inmate Call Rates!
Our BOP Rate 11¢ a Minute
Our BOP Rate $1.65 a Call
BOP Rate $3.15 a Call
15 Minute Call Savings Rate Comparisons
  • Cheap Prison Calls
  • Easy Enrollment
  • Easy Payments
  • Nothing to install
  • Free Quotation
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Bad Credit OK
The Pacific Telephone Company is registered with the (CAPUC) State of California Public Utilities Commission, Reg. No. #1110; the (FCC) Federal Communications
Commission, Reg. No. FRN019494061, collects tariffs as required by the FCC Universal Service Fund and E911 regulations, and the numbers we provide have the option to be
configured for global outbound long distance dialing capability to call any number, anywhere in the world if desired.

Each month, pre paid accounts
are charged $1.25 for every FX
Telephone Number assigned to
it, plus 6¢ per minute usage
charges on completed calls.
Pacific Telephone FX numbers
can be installed to ring on any
type of service including cellular,
PCS telephone, and home and
office telephone systems.