Our Switching Network - How It Works
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  • When you order service, Pacific Telephone Company has a new (FX)
    Foreign Exchange Phone Number installed on your existing home
    phone line, that's a local number to the facility where the inmate is
    being held.

  • Nothing changes on your end, as you can make and receive calls from
    your home phone as you always had.

  • When the Inmate wishes to call home, the inmate simply calls the
    new (FX) local telephone number instead of your existing number,
    using his BOP issued (PAC) Personal Access Code. When calling
    the (FX) number, the inmate is charged a local call Origination Fee
    of $0.06 per minute by the BOP Inmate Telephone System.

  • The Inmate's call is routed just as before through the prison's SIS
    security monitoring facility, where it is recorded like all other calls as
    required by Bureau of Prisons Program Statement 5264, and out to
    the local telephone company's central office providing service to the

  • Utilizing SS7 via DS3 connectivity, the local phone company then
    passes the call to our (ICX) Interexchange Carrier's Network Access
    Point, where it seamlessly connects to our channelized network
    trunking system through major exchange access carrier transmission
    to one our Network Hub Points that's closest to your home.

  • The call is then routed from our Network HUB via regular telephone
    lines to the switch network access point connected to the local phone
    companies central office near when you live, and rings on the (FX) line
    installed on the local number in your home.

  • Pacific Telephone charges Network Termination Fees as low as
    $0.06  per minute, bringing the cost of a 15 minute phone call to $0.12
    per minute totaling $1.80; a significant savings over the $0.23 per
       minute  $3.45, 15 minute call rate of the BOP.
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The Pacific Telephone Company is
registered with the
(CAPUC) State of
California Public Utilities Commission,
Reg. No. #1110; the
(FCC) Federal
Communications Commission, Reg.
No. FRN019494061, collects tariffs as
required by the FCC Universal Service
Fund and E911 regulations, and the
numbers we provide have the option to
be configured for global outbound long
distance dialing capability to call any
number, anywhere in the world if
We Are Not A Remote Call Forwarding Service
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