Q:  What will the cost of a 15 minute call using Pacific Telephone Company in a Federal Prison be?
A:  When calling the Pacific Telephone Company (FX) Foreign Exchange Number, the inmate is charged a local call Origination Fee of $0.06 per minute
by the BOP Inmate Telephone System. Pacific Telephone charges Network Termination Fees as low as $0.06 per minute, bringing the cost of a (15
minute) phone call to $0.12 per minute, $1.80  a significant savings over the $0.23 per minute / $3.45 (15 minute) call rate of the BOP.

Q:  Does Pacific Telephone Company require a contract?
A:  No, there is no contract and you can cancel the service at any time.

Q: How many different numbers can an inmate call using  Pacific Telephone Company?
A:  The inmate can call as many different Pacific Telephone Company FX numbers as their institution will allow on their phone list, generally up to 30.
But, each person that the inmate is going to call must have their own Pacific Telephone Company FX  number terminated on their home or cellular
telephone. Pacific Telephone Company FX numbers cost $1.25 per month and ring at different locations. Additional numbers require a small monthly
service charge for termination and FCC mandated Universal Service Fund Fees.

Q: Does the Pacific Telephone Company service violate any Federal institution security procedures?
A: The Inmate's call is routed just as before through the prison's SIS security monitoring facility, where it is recorded like all other calls as required by
Bureau of Prisons Program Statement § 5264, and out to the local telephone company's central office providing service to the prison like all other calls.

Q:  Can Pacific Telephone Company send calls to a cell phone or blocked numbers?
A:  Yes, Toll busters can terminate calls on any type of number, including cell phones and prepaid phones. If call abuse occurs, Toll Busters at it's
discretion or by law enforcement request or court order, may disconnect service with no warning at any time.

Q:  Do I need to know what institution my inmate is located at when signing up?
A:  Yes, in order to provide service, Pacific Telephone Company requires the inmate's exact location. Prior to FX number termination, all inmate's
locations are validated through their Law Enforcement Issued Prison ID Number.
Q:  Does the Pacific Telephone Company FX phone service violate the prison’s rules for using a call forwarding service?
A:   NO, for detailed explanation on how our service operates click here.

Q:  How can I add money to fund my account?
A:  Funds can be added online through Paypal, Western Union or Moneygram, or you can send in a Cashiers Check or money order.

Q:  How does my inmate put your number on their phone list?
A:  The inmate fills out their regular Telephone number calling form, and adds the Pacific Telephone Company FX number as they would any number.

Q:  If my home phone or cell phone number changes, will I have to set up a new account?
A:  No, just call into our office or email us, and we will change the termination location, without changing the number your Inmate calls.  
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