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At Pacific Telephone you only pay for the minutes you use!  Unlike
other inmate calling services, whose unused minutes expire at the end of each
month, we have no monthly minimum usage charge, and allow our customers to
carry over minutes to the subsequent month. For a small monthly fee of $1.25
per FX number, and a termination call rate of 5 cents per minute, you can enjoy
high quality digital telephone from your loved one's place of confinement directly
to your cellular or home telephone.
Regular Prison
Call Rate
15 Minute
Toll Buster
Discount Call Rate
Each month, pre paid accounts are charged $1.25 for
every FX Telephone Number (FXTN) assigned to it, plus
6 Cents per minute usage charges on completed calls.
Pacific Telephone FX numbers can be installed to ring
on any type of service including cellular, PCS
telephone, and home and office telephone systems.
Domestic Calls Billed At 5 to 6 Cents Per Minute Rate
To Order By Phone Pay Here Then Call 866.966.8655
Start your service and SAVE. Why go elsewhere?
A $25.00 initial payment via Paypal, check
or moneyorder is required to begin service.
6 ¢ Per Minute
5.5 ¢ Per Minute
5 ¢ Per Minute
To Order By Phone Pay Here Then Call 866.966.8655
Call For International Rates And Details
Now Offering International Phone Service
To Europe, Asia and Latin America
Correctional Services Division
Serving Correctional Institutions and County Jails Nationwide
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